Pranaa delivers the best in plant-based wellness. I say wellness, not just food, because what they do is so much more than just food. The food is healthy, delicious and packed with everything you need to maintain good physical health but the delivery is also key to building healthy routines, which has completely changed my life in the best way. Thanks to Pranaa, I learned not only how to eat healthy, but also how to effectively spend my time and fix poor decision-making related to food because they deliver the solution to my doorstep everyday. I no longer have to think about what or when to eat, I always have the best. Extra kudos for their superb support, simple pricing, and everything they do to promote environmental sustainability with their own product.

Matt HuntDirector, Memo Pte. Ltd

I have no qualms in saying that PRANAA FOOD has been a Life changing / Health Changing experience for me. The medical report is the truthful test of Pranaa's effect on health and I can say that my health reports came with a Big Thumbs up just within 6 months of joining the Culinary experience of Pranaa. While health has been the most important part of my taking up and continuing with Pranaa, I also must say that the professionalism, the menu system, the instant follow up for any issue and most of all the convenience of cancelling food without charges is such a great attribute of this company. Overall, I am eating variety of food, missing nothing and at the same time leading a very healthy life. I would give 3 cheers to this great company. Keep it up!!

Rajesh SokhalQSL Thailand – General Manager

I initially chose to order from Pranaa when I searched for a clean food delivery service as their food looked good and their prices were competitive. Very happy with their food, always tasty and a few options so you can always select what you want. Plenty of food so you don't go hungry. It is also very clean and tasty. It worked for me for weight loss at a time I was not allowed to do any exercise. 10kg lost in 3 months. I am guessing a large part of this was due to the food and portion control. They also have reusable containers which was important to me. I can recommend this service to anyone looking for a tasty and reliable food delivery service.

Tim BrooksOwner Siam Motor World

Surprisingly, very few of Bangkok`s food (delivery) options are plant-based, healthy and costeffective and we all know that cooking at home isn`t an option for us busy people. For me, Pranaa checks all of these boxes and I am really happy that it exists. What you get is a variety of options across three major cuisines, the food isn`t cooked on oil and has no added sugar, and as a bonus, you can opt for reusable boxes, so there`s also no plastic waste! I also like how selecting my meals only takes a minute out of the whole week, so I don`t have to waste my time deciding what and where to eat.

Juraj MickaBOLD Digital (Managing Director)

I`ve been ordering from Pranaa for about five months now, and I`m extremely happy with the service! I started ordering daily meal plans mainly to save time on cooking, and I was surprised to find out that vegan food was also so delicious! The menu is varied, so you have plenty of options to choose from and will never get bored. The additional bonus of eating plant-based diet for me was losing weight, sleeping better and generally feeling healthier and more energetic. The delivery is always on time, and the people working for the company are extremely nice and always ready to help. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for healthy and reasonably priced meal plans delivered to their door step!

Aleksandra KulikovaTeacher Trainer (IH Bangkok)

For those considering a plant based diet (like I did for years until I finally took the plunge). Pranaa helped me a lot! The food is good, many of the menu items tasting just like the meat variation. This will help you make the commitment to plant based diet. If vegan food tastes this good, why go for meat at all?

Collen SteinbringEnglish Teacher (Bangkok Christian College)

My life revolves around food; I'm always thinking about my next meal, but unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to prepare meals to take to work. Pranaa is my trusted, reliable 'go to' for plant based, oil free meals that I require in my life. It is such a relief to know that I can send a quick message and get a helpful reply and quality, delicious, vegan meals that never get boring. I've been ordering from Pranaa for two years and still not tired of their ever evolving menu! One of the best part of ordering from Pranaa: reusable containers. This company is really taking steps to better our planet and I am so happy to support them.

Andy LeverPrimary School Teacher

Finally!!! I am able to find Plant-based food delivered right to my door each day. It's awesome cuz I never have to worry about my meals being too oily, or having sugar and MSG. Pranaa offers a huge variety that is sure to make everyone happy. I personally love the Western Meals that fill the cravings I get for food back 'home'. The cost per portion size is extremely fair. I have been using Pranaa for almost 3 years and I look forward to many more healthy plant-based meals in the future. Thank you so much Pranaa!

Joey LP.E Teacher in Bangkok

อาหารสุขภาพส่งตรงถึงหน้าออฟฟิศทุกวัน พร้อมเมนูหลากหลายทั้งไทย จีน ฝรั่ง ญี่ปุ่น อินเดีย และยังหมุนเวียนกล่องอาหารช่วยเรื่องสิ่งแวดล้อมอีกต่างหาก ทีมงานทุกคนอัธยาศัยดีมากครับ

Korn PhakdeemanochitSenior Marketing Manager, Central Pattana Plc. (CPN)

I have tried various companies and have found this one to be the best in terms of the service, taste & variety. The smoothies are a massive plus! Highly recommended.

Siavash BorHead of Digital Campaigns, Syndacast

Wonderful taste and healthy food, very happy to be able to have such great fresh food amongst the danger of food all around the world!

Chutatip UmavijaniRetired Lecturer at Thammasat University