Do you want to learn more about the global plant based movement? We have selected some of the best websites & resources readily available for you to learn more!

Stay up to date with all the latest hot trends & topics taking place around the world in the Vegan & Plant Based world. This website collects articles & news from a wide range of sources and puts them all together on an easy to read homepage. Which celebrities are turning Vegan? What are the latest businesses making shifts in their strategy? You can also subscribe for their weekly mailing list to receive notifications on all the new developments taking place each week & they have a Youtube channel as well where they post regular content!

Dr. Michael Greger, founder of the website along with his team collects all of the latest scientific literature on nutrition, studies & reviews the data and then releases the findings in bite sized Youtube videos to make them easier for us to understand. Curious about a topic in nutrition, about a certain ingredient or Superfood? I am also certain there will be a video related to the topic of your choice. He also has a Daily Dozen list & many other interesting articles to share each week with you. All of the websites links are free & there are no sponsors on his platform.

Want to learn how to cook healthy at home yourself & on a budget? No problem! One of the first original documentaries ever released and an extremely successful and helpful platform Forks Over Knives has you covered with cooking recipes, testimonials & tools needed to get you started on your journey! Be sure to check out their website for more details!

Taking social media by storm just launched last year Netflix documentary ‘Game Changers’ along with many others is another great place to fuel your curiosity regarding the plant based diet in an entertaining fashion. All documentaries portray a certain bias but a highly recommended watch for all!

Pranaa Food also has some partner brands who are working very hard in Thailand and across the region to help promote good health within our communities. For those of you with young children or families please do check out which is a 100% organic & plant based baby food brand sourced locally in Thailand, there is no dairy & sugar added in the meals to help ensure your children get the right first steps to a healthy grown up life.

In addition, there is also a Wellness Center located 2 hour drive away from Bangkok which is focused at helping people with chronic diseases or the elderly which focuses on lifestyle modifications to promote living within a dependency on medication. These courses are run by Dr. Sant which you can read more about in our About Us page & visit their website to sign up for a course at

Are you still curious to learn more? eCornell offers the most insightful online nutrition program which you can sign up for. The entire course duration is between 6-8 weeks and covers all the basic scientific knowledge required to better understand the current global health epidemic. If you would like to know more about their course programs, click on the link above!

Check out our feature on the morning Thai television where we speak about what our business does & why we decided to launch here in Bangkok!